Why Parents Choose Dubai international private school over public school

Dubai is a famous city in UAE, with plenty of public and private school options. However, most Emirati parents choose the best Dubai international private school as per a study. They believe that private schools have a better environment and use improved teaching methodologies to train their children. Moreover, some parents choose a private school only for a better social status.

The surprising thing about this trend is that, despite providing free education, public schools don’t attract more admissions. On the contrary, statistics show that the percentage of students enrolling in public schools is decreasing each year.

Though the reasons for every parent are different, certain things give private secondary school Dubai an edge over the public ones. Let us discuss the same in detail.

What makes private schools the first choice?

Learning environment

Private schools have a better environment for the mental growth of the children. These schools follow trusted teaching methodologies suggested by child psychologists. This way, they ensure that every child learns complicated concepts in the most fun manner without considering it a burden.

Better infrastructure

Infrastructure contributes to improving the curb appeal of the school. At the same time, it also plays a significant role in the holistic development of children. Most private schools have ultra-modern amenities, stocked libraries, state-of-the-art sports facilities, and a lot more to give a child an opportunity to explore every sphere of learning.

It is one of the reasons why parents choose private schools over the public, as they want their kids to enjoy the amenities and experience the best infrastructural facilities.


According to a belief amongst parents, students in private schools stay engaged the entire day, leaving no time to indulge in indiscipline. Moreover, these schools take measures to ensure the safety of students, like introducing biometrics and more. As safety is the prime concern for every parent, they spend more on private schools to keep their children safe and in a protected environment.

Better Approach

The best Dubai international private school follows a better approach towards learning. They give equal opportunity to kids to explore different areas of their interest. You will find various cultural societies, sports clubs, drama schools, and a lot more in private schools where your child can participate and get introduced to the different spheres before choosing what they want to pursue as a career.

Social Circle

It is one of the prime concerns of parents to send their children to a school where other children come from a good social circle. They feel that is how their children can learn to be socially active and adapt well to society as they grow.

Technically equipped

Smart classrooms are one of the ways to make learning fun, convenient, and technically advanced. Similarly, there are many areas in a school where students can benefit from technological advancements. Public schools are improvising on this but are still lagging behind private institutions. That is another reason why people choose Dubai international private school.

These are a few factors that make private schools better than public ones. All of these things contribute to the better development of the child. Thus, no parent refrains from paying for the education. They do not opt for free schooling provided by public schools as it does come with a compromise in quality.

Additionally, the count of Dubai international private schools is increasing at a fast pace. Therefore, parents can find a school that fits their budget, offering international standard education to their children.

In the end, it is fair to say that many strong reasons give private schools an edge over the public secondary school in Dubai. Though the government is putting all efforts into improving the condition of these schools and bringing them to the equal standard of private schools, the transition doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

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