Why Should You Buy an OSSC for Retro Video Game Consoles

The trend of video games revived once again during the quarantine period. Most of our time was occupied by these games; X-box and play stations etc. It is impossible to not mention that how the gaming world has gunned itself with the high-definition graphics, and animations that make you feel like you are part of the game.

Despite these advancements, some of us really did not enjoy the time we got for the video games because their graphics did not suit our wants. We are the poor seasonal video gamers! But there are some people who play video games all day long and despite that, they are dissatisfied with the HD-quality pictures produced by video games. They still want their retro colours on their HD TVs.  What do they do? Use OSSC.

OSSC stands for Open Source Scan Converter.

What Exactly is OSSC?

If you want Genesis, SNES, or NES to play with their original graphics to be played 4K Televisions, then OSSC might be your possible solution. Armed with the field-programmable gate array, the OSSC allows for the analogue signals to be converted into HD digital signals that could be played without maximizing or dulling the overall imagery of your videogames.

You must know the troubles of trying your retro games on your TVs. The modern TVs tear the graphics like nothing else. They would make you completely disgusted by their reflection of your most favourite games. Neither do they allow for the personalized pixels to dance on the screens?

In a tough situation like this, one does need OSSC. The OSSC carries signals from the primitive (forgive us) consoles or the pre-HD consoles and change them into the modern HD signals that could work best and dance elegantly on your screen and put a maximum effort to not let those signals lag.

How Has OSSC Managed to Do This?

OSSC has replaced rather made it easier to skip the interlacing process. The interlacing process was a kind of technology that was used for the conversion of the signals, but it was slow. A source tells us that for a 30 FPS signal, the screen would be refreshed more than fifty times! Too slow for our contemporary time. The technology did improve but by then the screens in our home were replaced. These screens would not allow any room for the analogue signals to throw their retro-ness or the vintage appeal onto these new equipments.

The hefty TV systems were also removed from homes to save space and to progress with time. These systems would result in flickers and crashing of signals on the screening spoiling all the fun.  But then came OSSC, which resolved this issue for all of us. The OSSC allows the analogue signals to be deinterlaced; digitalized so it looks eye-catching on your big screens. You can compare the results of using OSSC with using a simple TV and get the whole vintage vibe. You can even enjoy classical movies on your big TVs, without being lulled into constant glitches.

What Makes OSSC a Smart Investment?

If you are a retro gamer, and you share a love for vintage vibes, this is for you. You can connect any console that comprises the RGB connection to it. This device uses the technique of multiplying the signals lines as per requirement. It results in a clear image that cannot get any crispier than it becomes.  It deals playfully with the analogue signals and put out a perfect display one could wish for.

Technical Aspects of the OSSC

Some technical specifications of the OSSC include

  • Component Video
  • D-SUB 15 (VGA)
  • Analogue Audio

These are the input devices that come along with the OSSC. The SCART allows for the RGBs.

The output consists of

  • HDMI or DVI-D
  • and Analogue Audio

The packaging consists of more details about these things.  In most OSSCs, there is a built-in slot for the SD card.  They have power adapters as well as a remote control.

Some Other Factors That Could Enhance The Performance of OSSC

There are some other factors that could help you with enhancing the performance of the OSSS. These factors are cables, and Ta V set. Before you hop on to the conclusion, let’s remind you that the results are great compared to any digital signals converter device ever, but if your TV and cables go hand in hand with the OSSC you are using, the results would be no less than the perfect video display. For the cables, RGT and SCART have already been recommended

Final Word

No matter how great OSSCs are, there is always some limitation to most great things. OSCs are no exception to this principle. Sometimes the TV model that you are using does not support the ability of OSSC enhanced signals. Furthermore, it does not have S-video input. This means that Ninetendo64 and Gamecubes would not be supported by it.

If these are the things you are already avoiding, then it might not be for you. But if you are looking for the performance of video output that a device can produce from analogue signals, then OSSC is a definite buy.

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