Will it be beneficial for the IAS exam if I join a 3-year foundation course after the 12th?

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

The quotation is already giving your question’s answer. If you have to get that success early you need to be the early mover too. Best coaching for UPSC in India So, yes joining a 3-year foundation course any day going to benefit you.

UPSC CSE Examination is one of the toughest examinations in the country, but it is the dream of millions to be a part of this Civil Services by clearing the UPSC CSE Examination. As you know great things demand great work. So, it also demands great work.

Now coming to the part of your question. Talking about the benefits. The 3-Years Integrated Course has many benefits

  1. The 3-year course will allow you to reach your goal of achieving a high rank in UPSC CSE as a young person without sacrificing your graduation classes.
  2. Students who have completed their graduation degree can immediately appear on the exam in the final semester, without waiting for another year.
  3. Students will be able to choose the same optional subject as their Graduation degree discipline to maximize their potential and maximize their success.
  4. Not only students who are in their undergraduates, but to ease the pressure of completing the syllabus quickly, working professionals can take the 3-Years integrated course.
  5. It is possible to devote sufficient time to the syllabus in a more calm and measured manner than rush through preparations for graduation or work commitments.
  6. Students can learn skills like organizing information and framing questions so that it becomes second nature to them. They can also use these skills in their graduate degree.
  7. Without skipping anything, cover all gaps and weaknesses like writing speed or framing questions.
  8. To avoid having to answer a question about something you haven’t read, it is important to understand concepts across all subjects.
  9. Current Affairs: Do not leave any stone unturned. This will allow you to be able to answer questions about news events up to three years before the exam (as per recent trends at UPSC).
  10. Every skill you need. To pass the exam will be mastered.

Thus, only benefits are there, there is no harm in doing the 3-year foundation course.

Now the question is, “which IAS Institute is best for doing the 3-year foundation course?”. I will undoubtedly suggest the EDEN IAS.

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1) Best in quality.

2) Best UPSC faculties.

Features of 3-Year Foundation Course of EDEN IAS: (It is titled LAKSHYA)

  • The first year of. The course will be devoted. To making the foundation of the aspirants.
  • It means those subjects will be taught. Which will create your base such as Polity, Geography, History, Economy, etc.
  • After completion of first-year EDEN MAJOR TEST.
  • Will be conducted. Know where the students are?
  • The second-year. Will be devoted.
  • To the enrichment course.
  • Enrichment course includes the Ethics classes, Essay Classes, Economic Survey and Budget Related classes, etc.
  • After completion of this year also EDEN MAJOR TEST will be taken to check, where the students are?
  • One important thing about this foundation course is, that from the first day itself you will start learning “Answer Writing”
  • The third-year will be devoted to the test and analysis-based class conduction.Also Read: 3 years UPSC coachingThus, by the end of the third year, one will be able to revise the syllabus at least thrice. So taking admission in a 3-year foundation course is always going to benefit you.

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