WordPress Website Maintenance – A Complete Guide

Creating a WordPress (CMS) website is easier than ever – with various developers’ tools; however, maintaining it is challenging. Website maintenance is necessary for your site’s health, and it can grant your site a long life. Whether spotting issues like broken links or installing protective tools, you need to keep an open eye on this domain. This post will uncover the complete guide for WordPress website maintenance. Keep walking with us to know more!

WordPress Website Maintenance Guide:

Maintaining your website means you are keeping it operative, and your online visitors will never hesitate to purchase your brand if it is operative. You might share the success of your WP website among various factors for site maintenance should always top the list. Unfortunately, proper maintenance is often overlooked, and people complain about their sites not acting normally. To help you understand this, we have put together a guide you must go through.

Why do you need to maintain your WordPress website?

Well, here is the question you all have been thinking of, and we have the answer to it! Overlooking your site maintenance can lead to issues piling up and making things worse for you and your audience. WP is always evolving, with new features, fixtures, and updates hitting the market. If you don’t get your hands on them, you are doomed!

If you don’t maintain your WP site, you might end up missing core plugins that are essential for your site’s health. Moreover, your WP site will always evolve, and if you overlook the maintenance portion, you risk ignoring multiple things. It might sound intimidating, but it does not have to be. Maintenance is the cure for all these problems!

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist:

WordPress maintenance is an ongoing process, and certain tasks must be performed periodically. Some jobs need to be done weekly and monthly, while some need your attention once a year. Here is a complete schedule that you must follow to ensure your website works well.

  • Weekly maintenance tasks
  • Monthly maintenance tasks
  • Yearly maintenance tasks

1. Weekly WordPress Website Maintenance Tasks:

You should start paying attention to your weekly maintenance tasks, and you should never overlook them. Website owners often neglect these activities to focus on their core business activities. If you want to stay away from this pitfall and keep your WP site running, consider opting for website maintenance services in Dubai. Having professional website maintainers on your side will streamline things for you.

It is easy to forget about your weekly maintenance checklist but hiring someone for this job won’t. Whether it is visiting your website, moderating the comments, or applying core updates and plugins, your team will look after everything for you. Here is a comprehensive list of weekly activities that you must ensure to keep your WP site up and running.

  • Visiting your website
  • Back up your website data
  • Moderate comments
  • Apply updates (Core, Plugins, and Themes)
  • Test key forms and features
  • Check Google Search Console

Missing out on these weekly activities means you are not paying attention to your website, and your online visitors will prefer your competitors. Why drift them away when you need them the most?

2. Monthly Website Maintenance Tasks:

Once you are done with the weekly maintenance activities, now is the time to wait for the month to complete. The next stop is monthly activities, and they are as important as the previous section. It holds true for this portion that your hired team must eye the calendar and perform the monthly tasks when it is time. Why would visitors open an outdated or slow website when they are short of time?

Your monthly website maintenance activities will provide you with a report about how effective your website has been the entire month. Exploring the technical aspects and understanding the reports are essential to overcoming your weak points and enhancing site performance. Here is a list of activities you should perform monthly for excellent website performance.

  • Run performance tests
  • Analyze your website traffic
  • Run a security scan
  • Optimize your website & its database
  • Verify your website backups
  • Check for broken links
  • Check for 404 errors

Do these activities sound too complicated to you? Don’t panic! You can opt for website maintenance companies like Spiral Click, and the experts will help you with these tasks.

3. Yearly maintenance tasks:

Here comes the last portion, but not the least one! Yearly website maintenance tasks are often tricky, and even the management could have stakes in them. Moreover, these tasks can also provide solutions for various website-related issues that you find hard to solve.

Here is a detailed list of yearly maintenance tasks you must perform for streamlined website performance.

  • Sort out if you need new web hosting
  • Change your WP password
  • Audit your content
  • Audit your plugins

Join hands with professionals today!

Website maintenance could be a daunting task, but it is as essential as your website. It would be best to hire professionals like Spiral Click for the job and ask them to do what is necessary to keep your website operative. Consider hiring them today!

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